Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative For The NICU & An Open Q&A with An IBCLC+Neonatologist

09/30/2022 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT


Clinical Skills


  • $20.00  -  Early Bird Registration For Non-Members (Ends on 09/23/22)
  • $35.00  -  General Registration For Non-Members (Starting on 09/24/22)
  • $35.00  -  Q&A Participant for An Open Q&A with An IBCLC + Neonatologist


Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative for the NICU
This presentation addresses the application of the BFHI principles for small, sick, and premature newborns and their mothers in neonatal wards. This guidance is based on, and complements the WHO/UNICEF BFHI Implementation Guidance (1) with provision of special guidance for the support of infant feeding in neonatal wards. The purpose of focusing on small, sick, and premature newborns is to ensure that these vulnerable infants receive the care necessary to establish optimal infant feeding and thereby reach their full health potential.

An Open Q&A with aN IBCLC + Neonatologist
As lactation practitioners, we encounter cases in which we may desire a physician's perspective to gain clarification on a difficult case. Those working in hospitals and clinics may have access to physicians but not always a physician with a background in lactation which we all know makes a significant difference.

The San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition presents "An Open Q&A with an IBCLC Neonatologist for Lactation Professionals" a round table discussion-style webinar featuring our very own neonatologist, IBCLC, board member, and founder Dr. Nancy Wight.

There are two types of tickets for this event: "Q&A Participant" and regular registration. Q&A participants will have the option to submit 2-3 questions prior to the event and have them answered live. Q&A participants will also have the option to openly discuss their questions with Dr. Wight during the event. Dr. Wight will create a presentation based on the question that are submitted. Only 10 "Q&A participant" tickets are available. All other types of registrations (early bird and general registration) will be able to listen to the discussion but won't have the ability to ask questions. As lactation professionals, we have those questions we want a medical perspective on - don't miss this opportunity and sign up today! Questions that will be answered during the event will be posted on the event page as they are submitted. Questions will be answered as time permits. Email questions to

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Target Audience: Advocates, CLE / CLES / CLECs, Community Members, Doulas, IBCLCs, Midwives, Occupational Therapists, PA/NPs, Peer Counselors, Physicians, Public Health Practitioners, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurse (RN)s, Ot


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