Sore Nipples & Sore Breasts: What Is The Problem? (Brand New Talk)

05/19/2022 08:00 AM - 12:30 PM PT




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Presentation 1: Sore Nipples & Sore Breasts: What Is The Problem? (Brand New Talk!)

1. Discuss why so many mothers latch the baby on in a way that is less than ideal (birthing practices, inadequate help immediately after birth).
2. Assess for engorgement, recommend preventive measures, and explain what to do when it occurs.
3. Rethink common approaches to helping with Sore Nipples.
4. Summarize factors other than or in addition to a poor latch which may aggravate or cause sore nipples (Dermatological conditions, Vasospasm, Bacterial overgrowth, Viral Infections, etc.)
5.Paraphrase how late onset decreased milk supply causes late onset sore nipples.
6. Assess for tongue/lip tie and discuss if it always causes problems immediately after birth.
7. Correlate the effects of tongue/lip tie on: sore nipples, latch, late-onset decreased milk supply and flow, recurrent blocked ducts, mastitis, and abscesses.
8. Describe when and how to release a tongue/lip tie and appropriate aftercare.

Presentation 2: Breastfeeding and Other Foods
1. Explain why continued breastfeeding is advantageous for both the mother and the baby once the baby has started solid foods
2. Have an approach to starting food in the breastfed baby that is easy for the parents to implement and continue
3. Understand why beginning a baby on food should easy and uncomplicated

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